naturally curious

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i look for the magic in the smallest of things.

always curious. sometimes poet. lover of adventure, literature, science, good food, travelling & exploring, great coffee & wine, hiking, searching for shells along the beach, learning new things, conversations with strangers, french champagne, fresh flowers, dancing in the living room/under the stars/on a dance floor, giggling, yoga & mindfulness, the smell of the earth after rain, looking at stars, the scent of evening jasmine, japanese and mexican cuisine, sunrise and sunsets, city lights, the last sentence of a good book, history and art and music, my friends and family, my dog, and most of all my soul mate my husband.

i'm a Sydneysider.

I hope this blog interests and inspires you to adventure outside of your comfort zone, whatever and wherever that may be. feel free to leave me a comment or follow me on social media.

mw x


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